Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan - Our Thoughts Are With You

Just donated to the American Red Cross for their efforts to help victims of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami. There was one image of a child sitting amongst the rubble of her home that has been burned into my mind. It is painful to even begin to fathom the number of families that have been torn apart as a result of this tragedy. I am praying for them.....

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Heart bursting moment...

...this morning as I was walking the kids into their daycare center. I held Pig's hand with my left hand and Moo's with my right and nearly passed out from the cuteness of the sound of small little feet pitter pattering alongside me. Actually, it was almost a soft clip clopping noise. I just might pass out now just thinking about it.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pig - Super 3!

Pink Pig at the LA Natural History Museum

My dearest little Pink Pig,

Just as I was getting used to 2, you turned 3. I looked back at your baby photos and videos and it just blows my mind. My memories of your early days are still so fresh. I marvel that one day I might look at you, perhaps when you're a mother yourself and still see that image of the yelling baby that was lifted up that evening in November. Daddy and I refer to that moment as "the screaming wig" because girl, you had quite the curly tuft of hair on you and it was the first thing we saw, that dark mop of hair and your yelling mouth. You are our firstborn and I'll always remember that anticipation...nothing can prepare you for that moment.

Year 2 in a nutshell:

  • You mastered the potty! Just as we were thinking it was going to be an uphill battle, you decided one day that you were going to use the toilet damn it. Now Daddy and I are awakened every morning by your little voice - "Daddeeee, I neeed to go peeee-peeee....(repeat)" or these days, "Daddeee, open the [safety] gate for meeeee [because I have to go peeee-peeeee]."
  • You are on your way to a big girl bed. Daddy removed one side of your crib when you started climbing out of your crib regularly. You gave us a turn when one morning we heard a soft thump followed by the padding of little feet and then our door swung open to reveal your twinkly little face. You rolled off your bed only once and since then have been a happy little sleeper....but.....
  • You generally get up out of bed twice each night before finally dropping off. And then again we hear, "Daddeeee, I neeeed to go peee-peeee...." and find you standing in front of the baby gate we attached in your doorway every night to avoid your nocturnal perambulation.
  • You love school and you are a very social little thing. Your teachers say that your the first one to speak up and other parents in the classroom tell us that you like to announce their arrival to pick up your classmates. When I'm having one of my low days, I am always cheered by the little twinkle-eyed expression on your face when you greet me at pick up time.
  • Every parent secretly thinks their child is brilliant, Daddy and I are no exception. You love working puzzles and you never cease to amaze us with your ability to visualize the completed picture. I am a small detail person myself and I have always envied those who can look beyond the small details to see the overall picture so your propensity delights me to no end.
  • You are super strong-willed. You're a woman who knows what she wants. You generally prefer to do things on your own and will be quite, ahem, vocal if Daddy and I make the dire mistake of trying to help. While a tad inconvenient in the mornings when we're trying to rush everyone out the door, I do love the spunk.
  • You have a complicated relationship with your brother these days. You love him, that's clear, you greet him everyone like a long lost friend and you get quite possessive should any other little person try to show him any love.
  • Your eating habits have become....discerning to say the least. You're still the savory princess, you love yourself pizza (you ate slice after slice of pizza covered in prosciutto), myul-chee (dried anchovies) with rice and ghim (dried seaweed), chicken (really any meat), edamame beans (mommy's best legume friend), yogurt drinks, oh and did I mention you ate chicken feet with your boo-boo at a dimsum restaurant? It was a proud moment for me. You took one look at those feet standing in the dish and said, "chicken" and then proceeded to eat like crazy. It was awesome. BUT....veggies and fruit must be pureed and hidden in a lot of pureed pear.
  • This has been the year of "DORA THE EXPLOR-A" as you like to refer to her. You and I went to see Dora at the Nickelodeon Storytime Live and you sat there stunned by the sights of a real live Dora and Boots dancing and singing on stage. And I sat there stunned as I watched a bunch of little kids screaming and carrying on like the Beatles had just taken the stage. You like to say that you are Dora and that your brother is Boots and actually the resemblance is quite uncanny.
Happy 3 little thing, our hearts just burst with love for you.



Friday, October 22, 2010

Moo - 18 months

Height - 32 inches, Weight - 24.2 lbs, Head 18.75 inches

Friday, July 2, 2010

And we're back

Oh my goodness it's been ages. And I can't get over the fact that we've been in LA for four months already! The work week just gets crazier and crazier as K and I try to meet deadlines and weekends seem to just zoom by. Saturdays mornings have become my Friday night.

Much has happened, not sure where to begin....

Well, Mr. Moo has had two ear infections. It's lead to numerous doctor's visits, lots of screaming, not much sleep and mad scrambling in the mornings to reschedule work meetings. He's had 3 bad colds and I've had to pick him up from daycare those 3 times when his temperature spiked to 103. I'd walk in and the poor baby would be lying there with one of his teachers, dazed and sleepy. I'd pick him up and take him to see his pediatrician only to be told the that there was nothing wrong. The fever wouldn't subside so we'd be off to see his doctor again and behold, an ear infection. Antibiotics and ear pain drops were administered (hence the screaming), naps were rejected, meals became nightmares as chewing was painful. And then he was fine....

But then he contracted pinkeye, twice. So back to the pediatrician, eye drops were administed (more screaming), more mad scrambling as K and I took turns taking time off. On the days we couldn't, poor Emo received a number of frantic calls in the morning. I thank God and marvel everyday for the fact that K and I have family-friendly jobs.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Moo - Happy Uno!

Dearest sweet Moo,

I can scarcely believe that our little man is now a whole number. (Daddy and I were giggling as we filled out our census form earlier this year and entered a zero for your age.) I look at your smiling little face and can't help but remember the little fuzzy face that I held 12 months ago. You were covered from head to toe in a soft little down and sported a fierce little expression which prompted Auntie Spivey to call you the CEO.

Daddy and I agree that you are the most lovable little boy. We love your happy little grin when we walk into your room. You get so excited when you see us or your sister and that excitement is absolutely infectious.

You in a nutshell:

1) You love being held. When I come into the room, you'll crawl full speed to me and start pulling on my pants to be picked up. One time you nearly pants-ed me, luckily no one saw (as Mommy likes to convince herself).

2) You love your blanket. In fact, woe to us if we forget to include your favorite muslin wraps in your crib when we put you down to sleep. I love pushing your door open to find you sitting up, blanket wrapped about you, furiously munching a corner, looking as if you were about to deliver a speech to a crowd of Romans.

3) You like things your way. Normally a very agreeable little tike, you can become very ahem, vocal, if we chance to take away something that you fancy (e.g. ointment tubes, remote, paper, phones, laptop computers, watering can)

4) You're chatty. Early on you would babble back to me and like to be involved in conversations. You hate feeling left out and will often chime in with a loud cawing noise.

5) You love music. When we sing in the car, I'll look in the rearview mirror and find you enthralled and at times clapping with excitement. When your sister sings, we'll often find you beaming and gazing upon her like you're her biggest fan.

6) You're a great eater. Getting more discerning but in general will eat about anything we put before you. Though your nemesis remains peas. We can't get you to eat it unless we hide it in some pear or soup.

7) Your little facial expressions just kill us. Whether it be the weirded look when we put you in our Chocolate chip cookie costume Halloween 2009 or the Christmas 2009 card photo shoot, we crack up everytime.

I love putting you down to sleep. I hand you a bottle of milk, your blankie, have the binkie handy, turn off the lights, snap on your little crib noisemaker and rock quietly. Sometimes, your legs and arms will swing about but then you'll settle down and the only sound other than a midi version of Pachelbel's Canon are your contented drinking noises. Sometimes, you'll chuckle a little bit as you drink but then look up at me with your big shiny eyes that I could just fall into and just remind me why I love being a mom.

Your family loves you bunches cutest little Moo. Happy Birthday!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Moo - Partay #1

Just a little something 'til I can post something really juicy, here's the little Moo at his first birthday party. He's not really a cake guy as you can see, we handed him his little mound of choco goodness and he went right to work, the one baby pastry demolition team.